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College Loans Bad Credit –¬† You need¬† College Loans? but you have Bad Credit? Never let financial restraints keep you from getting a quality education. Even if your credit is not good at all you still can afford going to college. Consider getting a co-signer. A family member with good credit can help you get loans with favorable rates and terms, despite your bad credit. I’ve also found some loan options that have nothing to do with your existing credit. So you can still getCollege Loans Bad Credit.

The fed Stafford Loan comes in two types – subsidized and unsubsidized. Credit doesn’t matter with the Stafford loan. The subsidized Stafford Loan is awarded to financially needy students. If you qualify, the federal government pays the loan interest due every month while you’re in school and for the six-month grace period between graduation and repayment. The unsubsidized Stafford Loan is available to every student, regardless of need. Another advantage to the Stafford Loan you can reapply every school year!College Loans Bad Credit

Perkins Loans
The federal Perkins Loan is another solution for poor credit borrowers. This is another federal government subsidized student loan that requires no credit check. Perkins loans are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Typical loan awards are between $1,000 and $4,000 for each school year, not to exceed $20,000 total. StudentAid.Ed.Gov

Maybe you are pursuing a degree in one of the health science fields, such as medicine or nursing. There are student loans specifically designed for health science students that are completely credit-free!

The Department of Health and Human Services sponsors the Loans for Disadvantaged Students program, a low-interest, and non-credit based loan, available to socially and/or financially disadvantaged students seeking degrees in approved areas of the health sciences profession. You are required to apply for the Loans for Disadvantaged Students program through the financial aid office of the participating school.College Loans Bad Credit

The Nursing Student Loan program provides up to $4,000 per school year to qualifying nursing school students. Loans are low-interest and come with a grace period of 9 months. Recipients must be enrolled at least half-time in an approved nursing program & prove adequate financial need.

StudentAid Ed Gov – The Primary Care Loan program is designed to provide auxiliary, non-credit based student loans to those pursuing medical degrees with a focus on primary care. Loans feature a grace period of 12 months. 1 of the requirements is that the recipient must remain practicing primary care for the duration of loan repayment.College Loans Bad Credit

StudentAid Ed Gov – Now my favorite one the fed Govt Pel lGrant. The great thing of a PellGrant is that disbursed funds do not require repayment, they are a gift. Also nearly every state govt offers scholarship & grant money.

Student Aid Ed Gov


Fast Alternative College Loans

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Fast Alternative College Loan

StudentAid Ed Gov – Do you needalternative college loan to complement the kind of financing you may have already received from the government? If you are looking for alternative college loan financing then you should be happy to know that there are numerous private college loan programs available to you if you are in need […]

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StudentAid.Ed.Gov – Maybe you have never heard of the Pell Grants. It’s a source of financial help that can help fund a student’s first school education the 1st 2 years. It has just been increased by the Obama administration’s stimulus package and can pay for tutoring, college books, and the cost of most classes […]

StudentAid.Ed.Gov : The Seven Steps Guide.

StudentAid.Ed.Gov – Need College Loans From Federal Government; Student Grants or Student Scholarships? or Are you Trying to Get Master College Degree so You Need College Loans from US Government?

Do you know that many students qualify for StudenAid.Ed.Gov without even knowing. Govt student aid is free money!! You don’t have to repay it. […]

Pell Grant – Are You Eligible?

StudentAid.Ed.Gov – A Pell Grant is money provided by the federal government for students who cannot afford to pay for their college tuition fees. The Federal Pell Grant is only for student who need financial assistance and who have not earned their first bachelor’s degree or who are not enrolled in any post-baccalaureate programs, […]

Pell Grant As a University Financial Aid

StudentAid.Ed.Gov – Through the Obama Back to School speech, there are several citizens, especially single mothers, who want to go back to school. The Obama government wants to have educated citizens in order to have a good economy. President Barrack Obama believes that education is the answer to the recession their country is experiencing. […]

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